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The Collectors Thriller
Cassete, CD, softcover, hardcover
CD Published
October 2006
12 hours and 46 min
Hachette Audio
Read by L. J. Ganser, Craig Wasson, Richard Mover
The Collectors David Baldacci icon CD $$18.62 CD $25.07
iTunes Download $25.95 CD $26.39
This book is classic Baldacci, a tail of high intrigue, money, and power. With a twisted, but easy to follow plot, and great characters, this sequel to "The Camel Club" is at least as good as the original, and perhaps better.
Next Thriller
CD, softcover, hardcover
CD Published
December 2006
Harper Audio
Read by Baker Dylan
Next, Michael Crichton icon CD $18.60
Simply Audiobooks icon Abridged Download $19.95
Books-A-Million MP3 CD $19.76 CD $20.67
In this new book, we see Michael Crichton's patent, tantalizingly believable mix of real science, and it-could-have-just-happened fiction. A tale of underground market genetic material, and genetic manipulation gone mad, this page turner will scare as well as entertain you.
The Final Deduction Mystery
Cassete, CD, softcover
CD Published
January 2007
About 6 hrs
Mystery Masters
Read by Michael Prichard
The Final Deduction: A Nero Wolfe Mystery , Rex Stout CD $16.60 CD $17.14 icon CD $17.53 CD $18.45
Rex Stouts classic Nero Wolfe novel, its a story of murder and kidnapping in the high society of the '50s New York City. Along with familiar and much loved antics of the old detective and his assistant, there are some new twists. To give away just one, this is one of those rare books in the series where Mr. Wolfe actually leaves the brownstone on business.
Hannibal Rising Thriller/Horror
Cassete, CD, softcover, hardcover, large print
CD Published
December 5, 2006
Random House
Read by the author
Hannibal Rising, Thomas Harris CD $17.27
iTunes CD $19.95 icon Download $20.04 CD $20.35
The fourth installment in the Hannibal Lecter series, Thomas Harris' new book promises to be revealing. This prequel to the other books and movies is the exploration of Hannibal Lecter's childhood. In the constant horror of World War II's Eastern Front, we find the reasons for his character. Get ready to be terrified and entertained.
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