Internet Security
Viruses, Spyware, Pop-Ups, Identity theft. Some of these programs can protect you from all of them and more. Because this software is free, it takes more work to keep your computer safe with it. These are mostly single programs to deal with a single problem, as oposed to complete internet security suite. Also some of more advanced options such as automatic updates are not available. Current updates for security software are a must... Read More
Look at internet protection suites that will make your online security easy.
Automatic updates
Windows and Linux.
Free for individual use.
Takes little hard drive space and memory.
Since 1991
Certified by
ICSA Labs, VB100%, West Coast Labs.
AVG is a great antivirus program. The light hard drive and memory footprint is exeptional. The free version has English as the only language, and has 'low speed' or low priority updates.
Internet browser, security
Automatic updates
Personalize this browser: 1000s of add-ons available, choose between different search engines for your search.
Protects from:
Identity theft, spyware, adware, suspicious Inernet sites. Blocks pop-ups
Firefox is a betrer browser. It protects you by warning you of suspect web sites, blocks popups, stops spyware downoads, or any downloads without your agreement. I will alow you to erase private data more completely, and easier than any other borwser. Get rid of browser history, download history, even ofen viseted and typed in addresses from the address drop-down menu.
Google toolbar gives you an advanced search facility, lets you check spelling in your web based e-mail, or in any text you type in your browser. The toolbar also has an 'auto fill' option that allows you to automaticaly fill in your name, e-mail, and other often used data.
Trend Micro
Antivirus, Spyware/Adware
online service
Windows, Linux, Solaris
Free scan, some free removal.
Takes little hard drive space and can be fast, depending on connection speed.
Since 1991
Certified by
ICSA Labs.
HouseCall is a good online tool. It offers free infected file removal for first time users, or with a promotion code. Needs Internet connection to work. Can take a long time.
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