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Learn how to create CDs and DVDs.
Optical storage.
Some CDs contain information such as music, games, or digital audio files. Some are blank, contain nothing, and can have information put onto them (or writen, or burnt) with special CD/RW drives (CD writers), using special CD authoring software. These blank disks are called CD-R or CD+R. There is also CD+RW, and CD-RW, which are different blank CDs. CD-RW/CD+RW is CD re-writable disk. It can be writen on and erased, and writen on again many times. These CD-RW/CD+RW disks are more expensive. CD+ is a competing format to CD-, and is virtualy the same.
Audio CD
Audio CDs were the first formm of Digital Audio. The audio CD format is old, and only gives you about 70-80 minutes of sound per CD. On the plus side, you can play an audio CD in any CD player, many DVD players, portable CD players, CD MP3 players, CD car stereo, your computer, video game consoles.
There are many audio books available in Audio CD format. You can make, or "burn" your own CDs with a computer with a CD writer (burner), or a standalone CD writer.
How can you have more sound on the same CD? By putting digital audio formats on it. You can have 10 to 100 times more audio on the same CD with or with out loss of quality, depending on the format.
There are many digital audio formats you can put on a CD, but the most popular is MP3. Many portable MP3 CD players, and car MP3 CD players will only play this format.
You can play MP3 CDs on portable MP3 CD players, some DVD players, some car stereos, your computer, or you can use your computer to transfer the MP3 files to almost any digital audio player.
Make your own MP3 CDs.
You will need a computer to make an MP3 CD. With it you can make your own MP3s or other digital audio formats from other sources such as Audio CDs or Cassete Tapes.
With a CD wtiter (burner) in your computer, you can also create (burn) a CD, and fill it with sounds, images, and videos.
You can create, or burn your own DVDs, using a computer with a DVD writer (burner), and DVD authoring software. To do that you will need a blank DVD disk. These blank disks are usualy called DVD-R or DVD+R. There are also DVD+RW, and DVD-RW, which is DVD re-writable disk. DVD-RW/DVD+RW can be writen on and erased, and writen on again many times. These DVD-RW disks are more expensive. DVD+ is a competing format to DVD-, and is virtualy the same.
There is also double layer DVD-, or DVD+ disk. Much as a store-bought DVD it can hold twice as much on one side as a single layer, regular disk. Any player or drive will read double layer disk, but you need a special double layer DVD writer and special blank disks to make them. There are also double sided DVD-, or DVD+ blank disks. These can also be single or double layered. Double sided disks are not very popular, and can be hard to find.
Audio on DVD disks can be played on some shelf-top DVD players, some car DVD players, and a computer with a DVD drive.
DVD disks can be great for storing large amounts of audio.
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