There are many places you can get audiobooks, and many ways to get them. Here you can review online stores, book clubs, and rental services. There are also some free downloads available, and your local library will have some auidobooks.
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Buy/Tape, CD
About 25,000 Cassete and CD audiobooks, 13,500 booksellers.
Many titles with 'No minimum purchase' free shipping. International shipping anywhere in the world.
PayPal, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diners Club, Cheque, Money Order, Bank Draft.
AbeBooks is a network service that includes some 13,500 sellers.
40%-60% off list price for new books
New and Used items available. 90% off and more on used items
30-day money-back-gurantee
Free shipping with no minimum purchase available
AbeBooks has some 13,500 sellers. The service is very well managed, there is a money-back-guarantee, resonable, and often free shipping. Many rare titles are available, there is a 'want' option, in case you can't find what you want.
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Buy/Tape, CD
Over 150,000 Cassete and CD audio books; paper books, music, videos, more.
Portable CD player, car tape or CD player, or learn how to convert your audio CDs to digital audio.
Credit Card, USA checking account, Purchase Order.
Amazon has great support for international customers, shop in some local currency.
30%-60% off list price
New and Used items available.
Amazon A-Z guarantee covers all purchases
Free shipping on orders over $25
Amazon is a great place to shop for books, movies, music. And if you live in the USA, you can shop in 35 product categories, including electronics, food, shoes, etc.
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.aa format
Over 30,000 titles
Compatible with 192 audio players, including iPod. Files are very small
Credit Card, Money Order, Bank Draft
Requires Audible file manager, or iTunes. Plays with WMP, or Real Player.
14.95/mo: 1 Book/month + 30% off all
149.50/Year: 12 Books at once + 30% off all
22.95/mo: 2 Books/month + 30% off all
229.50/Year: 24 Books at once + 30% off all
9.95/Year: 0 Book credits. 30% off all. Keep your existing credits alive.
Audible has been dedicated to audio books online since 1995. Their rapidly growing collection is spoken word only: best selling books, educational material, self help, documentary.
Based in UK
Buy or Free Download
Buy MP3 CD or DVD
Buy preloaded MP3 player or hard drive
MP3 or m4a format. (m4a must be ordered special)
About 800 titles
Compatible with any portable audio player. iPod compatible m4a files have to be purchased on a DVD, or converted in iTunes.
PayPal or Credit Card
Will play with any software. Large number of files. Audiobooksforfree sugest a Download Manager to help this.
Download/Per Title
8 Kb/sec -- FREE 16 Kb/sec -- $3 USD 24 Kb/sec -- $5 USD 32 Kb/sec -- $6 USD 48 Kb/sec -- $7 USD
One title on MP3 CD -- $15 USD
One title on Audio CD -- Depends on length of title, $7 per CD
All books
9 MP3 or 10 m4a DVDs -- $100 USD
All books
Preloaded onto a 30 GB Portable Player -- $600 USD
All books
Preloaded onto a computer hard drive -- ??? Depends on size of drive
AudioBooksForFree offers Public Domain books in audiobook form. You can download lower quality files for free, or they will sell you higher quality downloads, or MP3 CDs, or DVDs, or a pre-loaded MP3 player or hard drive.
Buy/CD, MP3 CD
About 37,000 audiobooks on CD or MP3 CD
Portable CD player, car CD player, or learn how to convert your audio CDs to digital audio.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, US Check, Money Order
Some international shipping options available.
Regular prices on the site: 37% off list
Bargains Section: up to 75%+ off list
Free shipping on orders over $25
Great book store. Free shipping on US orders over $25. No return/exchange to the regular retail stores.
CD, MP3/CD, paperback
Over 13,000 CD and MP3/CD audio books; 79,000 books.
Portable CD player, MP3 CD player. MP3 CDs are regular 64Kb/s non DRM MP3.
Credit Card, USA checking account.
BooksFree rents both paperback books and audiobooks. You have to join two separate services for paper and audio though.
CD or MP3/CD
1 at-a-time $19.99/mo;
2 at-a-time $24.99/mo;
3 at-a-time $33.99/mo;
4 at-a-time $39.99/mo
MP3/CD only
1 at-a-time $9.99/mo;
2 at-a-time $15.99/mo;
3 at-a-time $23.99/mo;
4 at-a-time $31.99/mo
Purchase prices are about 25% off list.
BooksFree is a great book club. There are many 'all-you-can-eat' options available at different price points. MP3 CDs are great: whole book comes on one disk. Purchase prices are very competitive.
Buy/CD, Tape
Many books on Tape, CD; DVDs, Electronics, Software, etc
Portable CD player, car tape or CD player, or learn how to convert your audio CDs to digital audio.
Credit Card, Personal Check, PayPal, Money Order has a 10% price guarantee over other online shopping services.
30%-70% off MSRP
New, used, reconditioned.
Save 30% more with Visa
Free shipping on books over $25 wants to be the best place to shop online. With their 10% price guarantee, lots of payment options, available free shipping in US, and more, they might be.
Canadian Shopping
Buy/CD, Tape
80,000-100,000 Books on Tape or CD, over 3 million paper books, DVD movies, and music CDs
Portable CD player, car tape or CD player, or learn how to convert your audio CDs to digital audio.
MasterCard, Visa, American Express
Read Capters help article for international custumers.
Regular prices on the site: 30% off list
Books Outlet, Used Books: up to 80%+ off list
Join the ireward program for more savings
For shopping in Canada, it's the best. All prices are in Canadian dollars. There is free Canadian shipping on orders over $39, returns and exchanges in stores across the country.
United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, and Australia
.aac (.m4p) format with Fair Play DRM
Over 3.5 million songs, more than 30,000 audio books (Audible collection, and more), 65,000 free Podcasts
Compatible with iPod and some Motorola phones.
Credit Card, PayPal, bank account, iTunes gift certificate
Requires iTunes. iTunes, and Quick Time.
About 25% off list CD price for audio books
Songs are mostly $0.99
Thousands of free podcasts
99c a song, $9.99 a movie, $4.99 iPod games.
iTunes store is very popular. You can get all your entertainment from one spot, and for a good price, with audiobooks, movies, music, and so much more available. The PayPal option is very nice, and the free podcasts are a gem.
CD, Tape
Download Club
WMA with PlaysForSure DRM
About 37,000 audiobooks on CD or MP3 CD
Janus PlaysForSure compatible audio player, or CD player for CDs. Download club files will only play during the rental period. No CD burning.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Shipping only to US. Download content is DRM protected time restricted rental.
1 CD/Tape Rentals at a time $14.95/mo
2 CD/Tape Rentals at a time
3 Downloads a Month
5 CD/Tape Rentals at a time
6 Downloads a Month
6 Downloads a Month $24.95/mo
The selection is nice. Prices for the different packages are competitive. The DRM restrictions on the download files are severe.
Progect Gutenberg
Free Download Public Domain
MP3, Ogg, m4a, spx, wav
About 700 audio titles,
Over 20,000 e-books and audiobooks
Books read by volunteers, computer read books, e-books, a few videos.
Michael Hart, the inventor of e-books started project Gutenberg in 1971. In 1990 Gutenberg added audiobooks to their site. It's all Public Domain texts. You will find classics of all kinds, from Aesop to Tolstoy, and from Beowulf to Poe. There are currently over 200 human narrated titles, the rest are computer generated. The human narration quality is good. Some files are of lower quality, for decreased size, but more than sufficient for voice reproduction. Project Gutenberg started free books on the net, and is still instrumental in production and distribution of free e-, and audio books.
Progect Gutenberg
Free Download
MP3, ogg Vorbis formats
About 400 audio titles so far
Books read by volunteers, service principals; audio plays.
LibriVox was created in 2005 by Hugh McGuire. Its mission is to make all public domain works of literature available as audiobooks. LibriVox has a volunteer project where anybody can read an audiobook. Some foreign language books are available.
Literal Systems
Free Download
About 15 titles so far
Books read by volunteers, paid actors/preformers.
Public Domain and Creative CommonsLiteral Systems prides themselves on the quality of their narration. The quality is good, the collection is small, seems to be an interesting project.
Free Download, library card from praticipating library required.
WMA with PlaysForSure10 DRM
About 1,600 audio titles,
About 6,000 e-books
Current titles, proffessionaly recorded by Recorded Books, Blackstone Audio, Books on Tape and other leading publishers.
Available in over 100 countries.
NetLibrary has offered audiobooks since 2004. In order for you to access their collection, your local library has to be a member. If it is, you can log in, usually through your library's site, with your library card number, and 'check out' or download up to ten titles at a time.
All of NetLibrary's audiobooks are professionally recorded copyrighted books, provided by major publishers. All are in the form of WMA files that are encrypted with a PlaysForSure DRM protection scheme. This Digital Rights Management restricts how you can play and transfer the files. NetLibrary files can only be played for the length of the lending period, only on one computer, and only on 2 compatible portable players. After lending period, the file will stop working, but the license can be renewed by logging into your account again.
All audiobooks come as one very large file per title. It can take a while to download, and you better make sure your player bookmarks or keeps the place on shut off.
Buy:CD, Tape, Download, MP3 CD Rent:
Download Club: PlaysForSure WMA
More than 22,000 audiobook titles
Tape, CD, PlaysForSure digital audio.
Not compatible with iPod.
MasterCard, Visa
Purchase option is not available in Canada. Not all rental or download options available in UK or Canada. Credit card payment only.
1 Rental at-a-time US $143.40/yr, $14.95/mo;
2 Rentals at-a-time US $251.40/yr, $24.95/mo;
3 Rentals at-a-time US $359.40/yr, $32.95/mo;
4 Rentals at-a-time US $443.40/yr, $39.95/mo
1 Downld /mo US $119.40/yr, $11.95/mo;
2 Downlds /mo US $227.40/yr, $19.95/mo;
3 Downlds /mo US 323.40/yr, $27.95/mo;
Purchase price is about equal to list.
SimplyAudiobooks has a small selection of free downloadable audio books . While they are from Public Domain texts they are professionally produced and narrated. With the 'book of the month' feature we can only expect the collection to grow.
Both 'All you can eat' options are very nice. Shipping is free for the rentals. Downloads are in the form of WMA files encoded with Janus PlaysForSure DRM. The DRM scheme lets you use downloaded files on one computer, transfer to an MP3 player 3 times, burn 3 CDs.
Free Download Creative Commons
About 150 finished audiobooks.
Books read by autors.
Podibooks is a newcomer to the scene, but already have a sizable collection. All titles are under Creative Commons lisence, so have been released by their authors. Donations to the authors are strongly encouraged on the site. The narration quality is good. The site format is a little strange, but something you can get used to.
Buy/Tape, CD
Limited number of Cassete and CD audio books; audiobook download, paper books, music, videos, more.
Portable CD player, car tape or CD player, or learn how to convert your audio CDs to digital audio.
Credit Card, WalMart CC
Shipping to US only. Security of shopping at WalMart. Returns and exchange in your local WalMart.
Always low WalMart prices
Shop for anything in WalMart and more from home.
Free site to store shipping
WalMart is already great. Now enjoy everything you get at the store, and some extras from the comfort of home. You can return items purchased online to your local WalMart, and get free site to store shipping.
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